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Kordsa's Journey to Operational Excellence:
A Digital Transformation Success Story

Key Results

Overall OEE 
Overall OEE 
Reduction in 

Kordsa, provides sustainable reinforcement solutions for the aerospace, marine, construction, and automotive industries around the world. The company operates in 13 facilities across 7 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific, with over 5,000 employees.

SCW.AI has partnered with Kordsa’s R&D center, a composite manufacturing facility located at the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence in Türkiye. At this facility, Kordsa produces various composite products, including thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs, slit tapes, and composite panels for aircraft, among others.


Elevating operational efficiency and increasing productivity at the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence (CTCE) Türkiye – Full Scope – 3 Lines.



  • Manual Processes: Reliance on manual processes impacting efficient detection and analysis of downtime and root causes.
  • Need for Operational Improvement: Before digital tools, challenges in identifying operational bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Need for Enhanced Predictive Insights: Before adopting data-driven decision-making, challenges in forecasting and optimizing operations proactively.


Solutions Implemented

Utilizing OEE Tracker, Labor Tracker, Scheduler, and Digital Logbook to significantly minimize unplanned downtime, optimize capacity utilization, and decrease reliance on paperwork to boost productivity across operations.


Operational Change

  • Operational Efficiency: Real-time data and dashboards streamline workflows, improving decision-making and accountability.
  • Proactive Management: Real-time alerts and improved visibility enable immediate action, minimizing interruptions and enhancing operational flexibility.

Distinct Capabilities and Benefits


Discover the Kordsa-SCW.AI success story in our one-pager. Use it as your digital transformation inspiration.

Behind the Digital Transformation:

Kordsa's Perspective on Revolutionizing Industry with SCW.AI

"SCW.AI’s solution-oriented approach has unquestionably had a positive impact on our corporate objectives and allowed us to increase our operational excellence.

When we combine our forces with SCW.AI’s digital infrastructure and data-driven approach, we develop products and services that remain relevant in a rapidly changing world."
Müge Arifoğlu Yenmez
Chief Operating Officer, Composite EMEA at Kordsa
egemen bilge
"The implementation of SCW.AI's solutions has significantly enhanced our OEE KPIs across the board.
We have observed a remarkable improvement in effectiveness, with specific improvements in Availability, Performance, and Quality metrics. Our Availability KPI has already seen a 7% increase, surpassing our target for 2024, even when the year is not even halfway through."
Egemen Bilge
Operations Group Manager, Composites EMEA at Kordsa
"We were drawn to Digital Factory Platform primarily due to its proficiency in collecting real-time data from our production lines, a capability crucial for Kordsa’s operations. Additionally, the emphasis on traceability and digitalization aligned perfectly with our goals for enhancing efficiency across our processes."
Doğanay Karakış
Project Engineer, Composite EMEA at Kordsa and SCW AI Digitalization Project Lead

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