Our Brand Identity

Your essential guide for crafting visuals and imagery of SCW.AI brand DNA.

As we navigate the vibrant landscape of SCW.AI, remember that each element of our branding – from colors and fonts to tone and imagery – is a chapter in our story.

These guidelines are created to ensure that our brand speaks in a unified voice which echoes our commitment to transforming manufacturing and supply chain operations with advanced technology.

In this guide, you’ll find the tools to communicate our brand’s essence effectively. It’s more than a manual; it’s a blueprint for embodying the innovation and impact that defines SCW.AI. Together, let’s create a consistent, powerful brand presence that resonates in every corner of our industry.

Our Past

Our journey,

Inspired by the hexagon’s perfection,
reflects our platform’s daily evolution.

Hexagon is seamlessly interlocking thus
it is the universe’s most stable geometric
shape which symbolizes our commitment
to flawless, integrated solutions in our

We are more flexible now.

By softening the two corners of the hexagon that forms the basis of our emblem; we carried our answers to changing needs into our visual identity.

We are more modular now.

We discovered the golden ratios
hidden in our emblem.

When we use them as independent elements; We achieve the perfect lines, much like the cuts of a diamond.

Our benchmark
for success
is the smile
of a satisfied

The Special Mark

Inspired by the soft corners gained from our new form, explore what you can do with the “Special Mark” we created:

For example, use it as a quote at sometimes, and at other times, emphasize important pieces.

We sometimes notice it again in a signal, and sometimes in the smile of our customers.

Transforming Visions into Reality: SCW.AI's Brand Evolution

Branding Guidelines

Access and download our detailed Brand Guideline to delve into the unique identity and vision that define SCW.AI.

For those interested in accessing our new logo and comprehensive media kit,

please contact our Marketing Department at marketing@scw.ai for further information and assistance.