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Cracking the Code of Limiting Downtime With Root Cause Analysis

As businesses aim for continuous improvement and efficiency, it’s essential to identify and address the root causes of problems rather than just treating the symptoms. Problems occur daily in the shop-floor that ultimately ends up affecting the entire output of the factory and without identifying the root causes of these problems, accumulation of new and existing issues will eventually not only hinder the production efficiency but also may cause a prolonged downtime of the production line. The only way to solve these issues is to keep track of them, as in how the problem came about, what was done to fix the problem, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.  

If the issues are not tracked, resolved and future ones are not prevented, the Availability of your production will be greatly affected. We have already talked about the importance of OEE tracking and calculation in one of our blog posts where we described Availability as one of the primary factors in the shop-floor as it exhibits the status of production. It can be concluded that a higher Availability means “More Time to Produce”.

Enter our Root Cause Analysis feature, the ultimate solution for identifying and addressing Availability issues in your production process.


Structured Loss Tree

Our Root Cause Analysis feature provides structured data for you to identify and categorize the root cause of your downtime in production, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to prevent the loss of runtime in your shop-floor. Root Cause Analysis’ advanced analytics and data-driven approach allows you to track and categorize downtime events, pinpoint equipment or process weaknesses and ultimately optimize your production by minimizing disruptions and maximizing equipment uptime. The data gathered from the shop-floor is visually presented in a structured manner for the convenience of the user.

Keep an Internal Benchmark

Thanks to our Root Cause Analysis, keeping an internal benchmark is easier than ever. With the structured data presented for the viewing of the decision makers, a direct comparison can be made between sites and lines on the same page! Without an internal benchmark as a reference point, it is difficult to measure progress and determine the effectiveness of your production efforts.

Don’t let the availability losses hinder the efficiency of your resources.

Let OEE Tracker improve production efficiency via root cause analysis and its advanced analytics!

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