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Performance Tracking in Digital Factory: Compare Real & Target Production

Effective performance tracking plays a pivotal role in enhancing productivity within a factory. However, the process of gathering and visualizing sufficient data to drive actionable insights often presents a prominent bottleneck. Traditional reporting methods, which are inadequate and unreliable when it comes to gathering precise data, can become hurdles for performance optimization in the shop-floor. 

These limitations may lead to problems such as:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Inefficient problem resolution
  • And missed growth opportunities

To assist managers and supervisors in making data-driven, agile decisions to meet their daily production schedules, SCW.AI has developed the Performance Deep Dive and Daily Production Performance features. These reports are specifically tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturers based on demand from our existing customers. This article introduces these reports with their main features and use cases to help managers to make informed investments.

Image shows main page of SCW.AI's Performance Deep Dive Analysis that enables performance tracking

Instant Data for Performance Tracking

Performance is one of the hardest metrics to track in the shop-floor as it involves comparing actual production output to the maximum potential output, considering factors like microstops, machine speed losses and fluctuations. Defining the ideal production speed and dealing with subjective elements further complicate accurate performance measurement through traditional methods.

Thanks to our Performance Deep Dive analysis, everything you need to analyze the target production compared to real production is right at your fingertips! With the data gathered from both manufacturing equipment and the sensors, Performance Deep Dive analysis presents to you crucial metrics for you to delve deeper into reasons of efficiency losses and detect any unknown bottlenecks that hinder your production. 

To utilize this page, you can simply select your time interval and analyze data that is visualized for you in the form of charts which will assist you in pinpointing areas for improvement. This enables you to implement strategies such as Just in Time (JIT) to eliminate bottlenecks and boost the efficiency of your shop-floor.

Performance deep dive analysis can show the reasons of bottlenecks in the production.

Fast Decision Making

Daily Production Performance can be displayed on big screens that are used on the shop floor which visualizes your actual production in contrast to target production on a chart. This page is updated periodically for the users to be fully aware of the current performance, in turn making it possible for operators/executives to take immediate decisive action in regards to any problems the shop floor might be experiencing.

In our conversations with customers, they emphasized the importance of promptly accessing real-time production data on the line. They expressed the need to instantly compare this data with their target production amounts, enabling them to assess whether they are ahead or behind their goals. While developing this dashboard, we also added important KPIs for our users to better understand the current situation of the production:

  • Production Estimation Variance: Difference between production target and estimation of production count at the end of the day.
  • Remaining to Production Target: Remaining count to target point. 
  • Unplanned Downtime Duration: Total duration of unplanned downtime activities on the selected line.
  • Planned Downtime Duration: Total duration of planned down time activities on the selected line.
  • Current Product Speed: Multiplication of speed of current product and performance of the line this day up to now.

These KPIs assist our users to take immediate action, such as increasing production speed to catch up with the target. Alternatively, they can define additional tasks (overtime) to meet their goal. If neither option is feasible, they may need to reconsider their goals and plans. Our Daily Production Performance dashboard enables our users to make fast and informed decisions, allowing them to manage production effectively.


To meet your production targets and enhance efficiency, you can incorporate our Performance Deep Dive and Daily Production Performance Analysis into your digital arsenal. Explore our Digital Factory solutions in greater detail by booking a demo now!

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