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SCW Digital Factory now on Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack

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You are in the Pharma production business and your day-to-day job is to maximize production performance and minimize the impact of issues. So you are constantly in conversation with your team using a corporate chat app to make quick decisions on shop floor events, e.g. a delayed setup phase, critical machine failure, pending production due to missing bulk material, an operator calling for support due to a quality incident, you name it. You always wanted to capture that important shopfloor news as they happen and shape the conversation and decisions based on that most recent information.

Now you can!


SCW Digital Factory  now integrates to Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack chat rooms so that you can channel production, machine, and labor-related alerts and notifications to corresponding chat rooms to maximize productivity!

Digital Factory Slack Integration
Digital Factory MS Teams Integration
Digital Factory Google Chat Integration
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