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Unlock Your Labor Potential With Skill Matrix

As the workforce is the biggest cost factor in the shop-floor, assignment of tasks while maintaining this resource requires a meticulous process which may hinder the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. For instance, detection of personalized labor capabilities is crucial for the optimization and enhancement of all operations in the shop-floor as distinguishing specialists from generalists impacts not only the quality of the work done, but also the duration it will take to complete.

Though this issue may sound easy to resolve, a complete factual data regarding the labor force is impossible to attain through manual means as it is an issue of dynamic nature that is constantly changing depending on different variables which may occur daily. 

But what if there was a tool to assist you in maintaining the harmony of your labor force while maximizing the efficiency of the production process in your shop-floor? What if there was a tool that does just that and more? If you are looking for answers to these questions then look no further — let us introduce you to our Skill Matrix.

Skill Matrix collects both machine and labor data to present precise information regarding the labor force. After the essential data is collected, Skill Matrix visualizes this data for better understanding and management of the labor force. Let’s look into why the collection of both machine and labor data is crucial for precise and factual information regarding the labor force.

Importance of Multi-Modal Data 

For thorough and factual data to be presented, a multi-modal data needs to be present which then has to be collected within the shop-floor. This multi-modal data needs to be compiled through the collection of both the machine and the labor force data in order to produce a comprehensive and factual information regarding every worker in the shop-floor, encompassing their input, output and the outcome of the resulting product. As said before, this complete and factual data is difficult to obtain and combine through manual means, which is where our Skill Matrix comes in. With the help of our IoT products, the seamlessly collected data is turned into insights visually by Skill Matrix.


A Visual Way of Overcoming This Challenge

With proper availability of the labor data, the labor force can be utilized in harmony and can be assigned to activities in respect to their capabilities, ultimately boosting the efficiency of the entirety of the shop-floor of the organization. For instance, complete and factual data on specialists and generalists is one of the most important aspects of assigning tasks as it directly affects the quality and the duration of the task they will be assigned to. With the assistance of our Skill Matrix, this impossible task is turned into a breeze as the visualized data is all you need to manage the labor force in your shop-floor efficiently.

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So What? Towards a More Harmonized Workforce

Effortlessly visualizing and pinpointing skill gaps within your workforce is just the beginning; taking decisive action to mitigate identified risks is equally crucial. Don’t miss out on our SCW.AI Digital Factory’s Labor Tracker and Scheduler modules, which offer cutting-edge analytics capabilities to streamline the scheduling process and optimize workforce management for a higher level of efficiency.

Don’t let the complexities of workforce management hinder the productivity of your organization. Let Skill Matrix do the work for you. To explore Skill Matrix &  Labor Tracker and find out more about Digital Factory Platform Book A Demo now!

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