SCW.AI Demonstrated Factory of the Future at CPHI Barcelona 2023

Image shows SCW.AI team at CPHI Barcelona 2023

One of the biggest events in the pharmaceutical sector, CPHI Barcelona 2023, took place from October 24 to October 26 and left a lasting impression. Leaders, inventors, and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry from 170 different countries attended the event. With our Next Generation Digital Factory Platform, SCW.AI was at the forefront of this revolutionary event, demonstrating the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. At our booth, the SCW.AI team showcased an array of innovations that have redefined pharmaceutical manufacturing and decision-making. Our offerings included three dedicated screens:

  • Visibility & Productivity: Offering real-time insights into production processes to minimize downtime and COGS and maximize output and sales
  • Paperless Quality: Streamlining operations by replacing traditional paper-based workflows with digital efficiency. Thus, our products minimize risk and cost of quality while maximizing GMP compliance.
  • Agile Planning: Providing a dynamic approach to production planning and execution, ensuring adaptability and minimum cycle times as well as inventory.

Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to explore our Digital Factory Demo Stand, featuring a demonstration of a pharmaceutical production line seamlessly integrated with our Digital Factory Platform, HexBox, and Sensors (see below image). The guests’ enthusiastic response validated SCW.AI is rapidly advancing toward its objective of providing solutions that meet the speed, simplicity, and scalability requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our booth was not only a hub of innovation but also a place for engaging discussions. Industry professionals interacted with our team to delve into the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Finally, we offered visitors the opportunity to enjoy our version of a classic Pac-Man game. This game made our booth an even more memorable destination for all attendees.

Top Solutions in High Demand

The Digital Factory solutions from SCW.AI at CPHI Barcelona 2023 attracted a lot of attention, especially for their ability to enhance production performance and visibility on pharmaceutical production lines. Visitors engaged with our suite of solutions from two main perspectives, underlining the comprehensive approach we offer to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Productivity Improvement Tools

Visitors were drawn to our productivity enhancers, which included the OEE Tracker, Labor Tracker and Scheduler. These tools offer real-time visibility into work orders, productivity of lines and labors empowering manufacturers with data-driven decision-making capabilities. By utilizing these tools, manufacturers can identify and fix production inefficiencies and quality issues, resulting in a more effective manufacturing process.

Regulatory Compliance Tools

With the event’s emphasis on intensifying regulatory pressures, there was a remarkable amount of interest in SCW.AI’s GMP compliant Digital Logbook and Digital Batch Record solutions. For enterprises trying to efficiently record their production processes and improve their compliance with strict rules, these solutions are essential.

The feedback we received from CPHI 2023 participants was encouraging and confirmed our commitment to providing all-inclusive solutions for the unique problems faced by pharmaceutical companies. 

Key Takeaways from CPHI Barcelona 2023

This year’s event was marked by a focus on pivotal themes in the pharmaceutical industry, such as:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Connected production
  • GMP compliance
  • And energy management. 

CPHI Barcelona 2023 achieved significant milestones:


Gathered more than 1,800 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors funder one roof in Barcelona.

Visitors from 170 countries across the globe attended VPHI 2023 Barcelona.

Welcomed 140 thought leaders of the pharmaceutical industry presented their ideas regarding the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

CPHI Milan 2024: The Next Chapter

We are happy to inform you that we have reserved our booth for the upcoming CPHI exhibition in Milan, which takes place on 8-10 October 2024. We cannot wait to get back together with this dynamic community, further our industry advancements, and keep influencing the direction of the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Let’s meet in Milan!

Interested in the Factory of the Future? Explore our Digital Factory Platform further. Schedule a demo with us today!”

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