SCW.AI Welcomes 2024 with Celebration and Full Swing

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In a lively celebration heralding the new year, SCW.AI gathered its dedicated team members for a dual delight—a memorable office event followed by a gala dinner. The celebration combined enjoyable reflections on the achievements of 2023 with an inspiring gaze into the company’s ambitious goals for 2024 and beyond, aspiring to become a unicorn and the G.O.A.T in the realm of digital factory transformation.

Celebrating 2024 at SCW.AI Office

The day kicked off with the gathering of all team members at the SCW.AI’ Izmir office. As part of the festivities, colleagues exchanged thoughtful gifts, creating a warm atmosphere that set the tone for the day’s celebrations.

The highlight of the office event was the presence of SCW.AI’s CEO and Founder, Evren Ozkaya. In his address to the team, Evren delivered an impactful speech, reflecting on the remarkable achievements of 2023. He emphasized the pivotal role played by SCW.AI’s Digital Factory tool in spearheading the digital transformation of pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. During his presentation, he showcased the effectiveness of our tools, in significantly enhancing manufacturers’ visibility, productivity, and agility, as evidenced by customer data. He also highlighted that our contribution extends beyond the digital transformation of factories, ultimately impacting the increase in the supply of essential goods such as drugs and foods, thereby positively influencing lives on a global scale.

Evren concluded his speech by illuminating SCW.AI’s aspirations for the coming year and revealing the intricate roadmap designed to attain the company’s formidable long-term goals. Foremost among these objectives is the pursuit of unicorn status, coupled with the overarching ambition of becoming the G.O.A.T in the realm of digital factory transformation within the next five years. This vision entails establishing SCW.AI as an indispensable partner for manufacturers worldwide, synonymous with driving innovation through industry 4.0 transformation.

Gala Night

Following the CEO’s address, the SCW.AI team gathered for a celebratory New Year gala dinner, a perfect blend of fun and inspiration. Heads of departments took the stage, delivering motivational speeches that highlighted the achievements of the past year and outlined the exciting opportunities that lay ahead in 2024.

A special moment during the evening was dedicated to acknowledging the team members who played a crucial role in successfully renewing the ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates. These certificates underscore the excellence of SCW.AI in terms of quality and data security, and successful renewal after the annual inspection was a testament to the commitment and efforts of the SCW.AI. Some team members were presented with well-deserved gifts in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

Every member left feeling energized and motivated as the evening progressed and the atmosphere filled with music, dancing, and the collective spirit of a cohesive team. Gala night was a great motivator, inspiring everyone to approach the upcoming year with fresh energy and high expectations for innovation and excellence.

As the SCW.AI team celebrates 2024, we wish everyone worldwide prosperity, health, and peace. As a manufacturer, if you aspire to achieve a year marked by enhanced visibility, productivity, and agility, we can turn that wish into reality for you!

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