SCW.AI Launched Supply Chain Wizard for Pharma Podcast Series

SCW for Pharma Podcast Series

SCW.AI is excited to announce the launch of its podcast series tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturers, titled “Supply Chain Wizard for Pharma.”

Our distinguished host, Evren Ozkaya Ph.D. CEO, and Founder of SCW.AI, brings a wealth of industry expertise gained from notable roles at Sandoz/Novartis, McKinsey, and, ultimately, Supply Chain Wizard and SCW.AI. With a focus on manufacturing and supply chain transformation, Evren has consistently driven advancements in productivity, visibility, and agility within company processes.

Supply Chain Wizard for Pharma is designed to be an insightful guide for listeners navigating the intricacies of digital factory transformation, specifically within the pharmaceutical and life science sectors. The primary objective is not to promote SCW.AI or highlight Evren’s background but to give back to industry by aiding manufacturers in enhancing their operational efficiency. In this context, Evren’s role in this podcast series is to orchestrate conversations with industry experts, ensuring maximum value for listeners. The podcast will showcase practical insights from esteemed industry professionals, offering perspectives on current trends and addressing pivotal challenges within the field.

Podcasts’s first episode welcomes a distinguished guest, Michael Altman, Vice President of End-to-End US Supply Chain Operations at Kenvue. Evren and  Michael engage in a comprehensive exploration of the future of supply chain and manufacturing. In this episode, Michael Altman shares invaluable insights on de-risking supply chain operations through effective capacity management, strategic partnership investments, and granular data utilization.

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