SCW.AI is Proud to Unveil Its New Branding Identity

Main image that represents new branding of SCW.AI.

We are delighted to announce SCW.AI’s new branding, complete with a dedicated branding guideline!

This year, Supply Chain Wizard celebrates its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of impactful contributions to the global supply chain. Over the past decade, our journey has been defined by significant evolution to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers on a global scale. Our dedicated efforts have been centered on supporting the Industry 4.0 transformation of manufacturers. This commitment finds expression through the deployment of our state-of-the-art SaaS Digital Factory Platform, encapsulated within the overarching brand, SCW.AI. 

To encapsulate our rich history, strength, progressive development, and forward-thinking attitude, we are proud to unveil a fresh branding for SCW.AI. Accompanied by a comprehensive branding guideline. 

A Story in Every Detail: Branding Guideline

Image represents new brand identity of SCW.AI.

The branding guideline provides detailed insights into the company’s brand DNA, encompassing a spectrum that ranges from colors and fonts to tone and imagery. It is meticulously crafted to ensure that each element of the renewed identity seamlessly narrates a part of the compelling story that is SCW.AI.

Every aspect of our branding, from the stability and interconnectivity symbolized by the hexagon-inspired logo to the carefully curated color palette, serves as a chapter in the narrative of SCW.AI. 

For example, the hexagon in our logo symbolizes our unwavering commitment to quality. This shape, when placed side by side, leaves no gaps and is recognized as the most stable geometric form in the universe. Additionally, the rounded borders of the new logo specifically represent the smiles of our clients, a crucial element in our benchmark analysis to measure satisfaction of our clients.

To delve deeper into the details of our new branding, including insights from our CEO and Founder, Evren Ozkaya Ph.D., you can read our press release now.

We have established a dedicated web page at “” for our branding, where partners, designers and agencies can discover the compelling story behind our new brand and access the guidelines for download.


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