SCW Team attends UNESCO World Heritage Road Cycling Tour

SCW attends Unesco World Heritage Cycling Tour

Melinda Demiroğlu and Kaan Mert Çelik from the SCW team participated in the “UNESCO World Heritage Road Bicycle Tour” last weekend.

They pedaled for the promotion and protection of world heritage and the spread of cycling, cycled 80 kilometers from Selçuk along with 300 athletes from Bergama and Selçuk, who participated in the tour organized this year and donated around 2000 saplings.

The tour has been organized for the 7th time this year to raise awareness for the Bergama and Selçuk districts of Izmir, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. “UNESCO World Heritage Road Bicycle Tour” started from Bergama & Selçuk and ended with a ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square, Izmir.

Congratulations to Melinda and Kaan for raising awareness of UNESCO World Heritage in Izmir & Turkey and being a part of this inspiring organization!

We are very proud to have you on our team!


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