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AI-based Production Scheduling Optimization with Enhanced KPI metrics

Utilizing the full extent of your shop-floor can be challenging when using pen and paper in comparison to a digital alternative. A planning error for instance may result in a setback in the production process and this error is usually a result of manual scheduling as assignment of work orders to the lines and the staff is a complex challenge that requires full attention to different variables every day. 

There has been discourse on the matter of finding a solution to manual scheduling both in manufacturing and academia. As it has many variations and parameters for its everyday use, it is impossible to fix with a simple formulation. This constraint is crucial to eliminate for the shop-floor to be working in its full capacity and potential. 

But no worries, as we have developed the best solution for these exact problems. Today, we are introducing the most convenient and efficient tool for production scheduling optimization: The Scheduler, an AI based service that can adapt to the dynamics of everyday challenges. With this solution, you can prevent work order and delivery delays that cause higher cost of production and a severe potential loss of the whole shop-floor. 

Optimize Scheduling With One Button

The value proposition of the AI-driven Scheduler is its efficiency in planning and optimizing the shop-floor. With its one click “Optimize” button, the Scheduler will optimize changeovers and find the most convenient line to run the work order to provide the best options to its user. The Scheduler also prioritizes your needs, whether you want to minimize the makespan or the resources to be used for completing the work orders. The Scheduler enables its users to plan their shop-floor production much faster and more conveniently as a low-price solution.

Manage Changes

One of the most important aspects of scheduling is to foresee the results of your plans and make necessary adjustments if needed. Thanks to the Scheduler’s variety of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) cards, you can easily see the outcome of optimized plans. Capacity Utilization card for example displays how efficiently each line is used. Schedule Performance and Schedule Quality cards give information about the potential OEE values, cost of production and the work orders that would be completed after their due dates (if there are any). All this information and more will enable planners to see impact changes immediately and act intuitively. 

Another feature the Scheduler provides is responding quickly to the planning changes. Production shop-floor has its own dynamics and every day is a new day. It is highly possible that the plans need to be revised in real-time depending on new needs and situations. Monitoring metrics such as schedule adherence can be useful to determine needs for revised schedules. The Scheduler allows you to re-plan and re-optimize shop-floor planning based on new requirements and changes. 

The interface and UX is very user-friendly, just simple drag & drop functions on the colorful calendar will be enough for adjustments.



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