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Visualize Your Factories with Global View

Image shows how managers can check their production in global level.

In today’s world of manufacturing, maintaining a competitive edge demands more than mere surface-level insights. It requires a comprehensive grasp of your operations in real time, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and enhance efficiency at every stage. Yet, this may be challenging to achieve globally if different manufacturing sites in the network are utilizing different methodologies or systems to report performance data.

For example, a global organization needs to closely monitor their factories across different regions to track OEE trends and assure a high ROI (return on investment). However, as the business continuously grows, so do the number of factories, which makes it progressively more challenging to monitor them individually. In addition, methodology of monitoring manufacturing sites may vary depending on the legacy systems or manual processes each manufacturing site uses, which may be hard to harmonize globally.

Though these challenges are a clear bottleneck for full monitoring of all factories, don’t fret! We developed an end-to-end visibility feature with a drill-down capability from network to site to lines to address these pain points and empower you with comprehensive oversight.

Introducing our Global View feature for OEE Tracker, a feature to overcome limitations posed by expanding operations and ensure real-time visibility across all your factories globally!


Increase the Visibility of Your Manufacturing Sites

Global View allows you to visualize all your sites on the global map with color coded locations reflecting their real-time performance metrics. If the site is underperforming in comparison to target statistics regarding OEE, they will be shown as red, whereas if the site is performing in accordance with targeted standards, they will be shown as green. Moreover, whether you need to track site-specific OEE statistics or deep dive into crucial production efficiency details like daily trend reports and the number of operational lines, Global View equips you with comprehensive data in order for you to make informed, data-driven decisions. The following set of crucial information is available to view & visualize for all sites in the network in this global map view:

  • Number of lines for each site and their status (run/down/idle)
  • Daily Overall OEE of the site (With A, P, Q Breakdown)
  • Today’s Productive Duration
  • Time spent on scrap products today
  • Total Runtime, Downtime, Idle time durations
  • Weekly OEE Trend
  • Checked-in users and assets
  • Weekly Productive Duration
  • Time spent on scrap products this week

For example, a global pharma manufacturer is using Global View to go beyond basic insights, monitoring their global factory network of oral solid dose manufacturing sites across the world to enable executive level visibility and data driven decision making.

Stay in Control with Real-Time Camera View

In addition, Global View also enables you to directly monitor every single one of your sites through installed cameras in case of any setbacks or issues that you would want to observe personally. With real-time visual feedback, you have the ability to identify and address setbacks instantaneously, ensuring a higher efficiency of production while minimizing downtime, all while staying in control of your every site.


Merge Your Reporting Methodologies Into One for Global Success

Global View feature streamlines your operations and eliminates unnecessary complexities by utilizing the same methodology across all your global sites, ensuring consistent and reliable data tracking. With Global View, you have the ability to empower your vision and gain strategic insights that exceed geographical boundaries, laying the foundation for unparalleled success in the global stage.

Gain comprehensive oversight, real-time end-to-end visibility, and standardized methodology for data-driven decisions to unlock the true potential of your operations with Global View!

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