Global OEE Monitoring Across Multiple Sites Using OEE Tracker

Global OEE Monitoring Across Multiple Sites Using OEE Tracker
Research & Pharmacueticals
Global OEE Monitoring Across Multiple Sites Using OEE Tracker
One of the top global pharma companies focusing on accelerating life sciences research and improving patient diagnostics.
Implementation of the OEE Tracker at 59 lines in order to help the company reduce manual effort, decrease downtimes, increase line availability; help achieve operational excellence by means of digitization and data visibility through dashboards, and enable data-driven decision making.
- Perform a site visit in order to determine the needs of the system and decide on the sensor technology and distribution within the facility
- Guide the client on the required master data to run the system and collect master data
- Align with the upper management team on desired target levels and KPIs
- Train operators and supervisors to ensure that data is collected accurately
- Prepare customized reports in order to extract maximum value from collected data and the tool in general
Added Value
- Improvement of data visibility with help of automated digital dashboards and reports with minimal manual intervention
- Deep understanding and analysis of the variances in the performance of work orders (Planned vs. Actual). Improved productivity by analyzing top reasons of downtime
- Customized reports created to analyze work order completion performance, highlight top down time events and alerts for management to improve short-term and long-term decision making
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