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SCW.AI Site View: Top 5 Factory Monitoring Applications

Image Shows main page of Site View for factory monitoring.

The Harvard Business Review reports that industrial companies face fierce competition, especially in the United States, which puts many enterprises’ survival at risk. The article emphasizes that achieving outstanding manufacturing capability is the best course of action for manufacturers; this is considered to be more important than having a strong financial foundation, effective marketing strategies, or groundbreaking product design.

One crucial step towards achieving outstanding manufacturing capability involves enhancing factory visibility, empowering top executives and plant managers to make informed decisions based on real-time data. With this objective in mind, SCW.AI has designed the Site View feature. This article serves as an introduction to manufacturing managers, outlining the top five use cases of Site View. Its aim is to enable you to stay competitive in today’s dynamic work environment.

Factory Level Production Monitoring with Site View


Site View empowers factory managers and supervisors to make swift decisions in response to immediate or unexpected issues impacting production. As a component of our Global View, Site View stands out by offering a more detailed perspective. While Global View provides a broader overview, Site View focuses on delivering tailored information for individual factories. This provides decision makers with crucial data needed to optimize instant production promptly within each unique facility.

Site View improves production tracking by providing and visualizing data regarding the following:

  • OEE
  • Labor location
  • Floor map
  • Live factory footage

Top 5 Site View Use Cases

Image shows top use cases of Site View that enhance factory monitoring.

1. Observe Real-time Line OEE

SCW.AI’s Site View offers real-time factory monitoring, enhancing manufacturing excellence through its Current OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) KPIs. OEE stands out as a crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for managers, providing comprehensive insights into line and machine performance by detailing:

  • Availability
  • Performance 
  • Quality

This consolidated metric allows users to monitor manufacturing’s availability, performance, and quality seamlessly. Site View delivers granular data on OEE for each line, enabling managers to discern whether production inefficiencies stem from quality-related issues, downtimes, or machine performance. Consequently, plant managers and top executives can capitalize on this functionality to:

  • Identify Downtime: Real-time OEE data helps managers swiftly pinpoint periods of downtime. Executives can promptly address issues such as equipment breakdowns, changeovers, or maintenance needs, minimizing downtime through data-driven decisions.
  • Optimize Production Planning: By analyzing real-time OEE, plant managers can adapt production schedules in response to unexpected disruptions. This flexibility facilitates better resource allocation and contributes to a higher On-Time In-Full (OTIF) score for manufacturers.
  • Continuous Improvement: Real-time OEE might be a valuable tool for implementing a continuous improvement mindset. Managers can use the data to track the impact of process changes and improvements, fostering a culture of ongoing optimization.
  • Employee Training and Engagement: Real-time OEE data can be used to identify skill gaps or areas where additional training is needed. It also provides a basis for recognizing and rewarding employees for exceptional performance, fostering a culture of engagement and accountability.

Moreover, managers can monitor activity history of each line with one click via the Activity Review feature to find out details about production.

Image shows breakdown of OEE for a production line.
OEE data of Site View

2. Monitor Machine Utilization

Instant Information on run time, downtime, and idle machines can be critical information for managers to optimize planning and maximize throughput. Site View provides a comprehensive overview of machine status, offering real-time data on run time, downtime, and instances of idle machines.

Monitoring machine utilization ensures the following benefits for manufacturers:

  • Managers can identify underperforming equipment, taking proactive measures to improve maintenance or replace faulty components before they cause significant disruptions.
  • Site View enables manufacturers to align production schedules with machine availability, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput. 
  • By regularly analyzing machine utilization data, manufacturers can identify areas for improvement and implement targeted initiatives to enhance operational efficiency.

3. Monitor Manufacturing Quality

Site View assists managers seeking real-time oversight of manufacturing quality. The dashboard furnishes data on the ratio of good count for each production line, enabling managers to identify any deterioration in production quality. This visibility equips managers with insights, empowering them to implement corrective measures if necessary and ensure that production consistently adheres to desired quality standards.

Such production visibility is particularly beneficial for industries like pharmaceuticals requiring compliance with FDA regulations.

To find out more about cGMP compliance you can read our detailed guide.

4. Track Real-Time Locations of Your Workers

Image shows representation of Workers in SCW.AI's RTLS.

SCW.AI’s Site View provides a real-time location system (RTLS) that improves the way manufacturers monitor and manage their workforce.

Site View’s RTLS seamlessly integrates with avatar visualization, offering a clear and intuitive representation of each worker’s location on the floor plan. Once a worker checks in at a specific production line with their card, Site View instantly displays their location. The intuitive real-time visualization of a worker’s location provides several key benefits:

  • Dynamic RTLS Precision: Site View ensures precision in tracking the real-time locations of workers. This accuracy is crucial for optimizing worker-machinery matching for the production.
  • Strategic Decision-making: Real-time updates empower supervisors to make strategic and instant decisions on the spot. Whether it is adjusting work assignments to meet production targets or detecting idle lines, Site View provides the supporting insights for effective decision-making.
  • Ease Resource Allocation: With the real-time location system, supervisors can dynamically allocate resources, ensuring that skilled personnel are strategically placed where they are needed most. 
  • Safety Amplified with RTLS: RTLS enhances safety measures by providing instant awareness of worker locations. In emergency situations, the system becomes an effective tool for swift response, ensuring the well-being of every individual on the factory floor.

Find out more about our Labor Tracker and Scheduler, if you want to improve your workforce efficiency.

5. Check Your Factory with Live Cameras

Our Site View provides live camera views of manufacturing lines for real-time insights into the factory floor. This feature provides the following benefits for executives:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Remote issue resolution and optimized productivity through immediate insights into ongoing operations.
  • Remote Accessibility: Managers stay connected from anywhere, ensuring continuous oversight.
  • Operational Transparency: Fosters collaboration and enhances operational efficiency through enhanced factory visibility.

To improve production tracking and take fast and data-driven decisions you can utilize our Site View in your digital arsenal. You can explore Site View and the Factory of Future in more detail by booking a demo now!

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