OEE Monitoring and Digital Factory Transformation Strategy

OEE Monitoring and Digital Transformation Strategy
OEE Monitoring and Digital Factory Transformation Strategy
A US based specialty pharmaceutical company
Achieve live OEE monitoring using SCW’s OEE Tracker and achieve understanding of the true baseline, improving data accuracy and data governance for key metrics to form the foundations of digital transformation.
- Perform a site visit to evaluate the preferred IoT sensor technology & distribution within the factory
- Prepare a roadmap to ensure data integrity, establish an OEE baseline and identify digital transformation next steps
- Train operators and supervisors to ensure user data integrity
- Perform regular data reviews and resolve data issues across data sets: unit counts, availability and reject rate verification
- Align with the upper management team on OEE calculation and desired target level
Added Value
- Established data governance across sites with a correct baseline
- User and sensor data inaccuracies are identified and addressed
- Achieved an acceptable level of user data and sensor data accuracies
- Aligned on the OEE calculation methodology
- Established a baseline for OEE performance for each line and aligned on the OEE target level
- Identified top reasons for downtime to improve line availability and productivity
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