CPO Improves Labor Productivity with Labor Tracker

Digital Factory Labor Productivity with Labor Tracker
Improving Labor Productivity with Labor Tracker
A Global Contract Packing Organization (CPO) Specializing in Primary and Secondary Filling & Packing of Pharmaceutical Product
- To implement and fully roll out Labor Tracker and OEE Tracker to manufacturing sites.
- To expand project to other manufacturing sites.
- Follow an incremental implementation strategy
- Focus on shop-floor user ownership
- Log obstacles on the shop-floor to product development roadmap
- Minimize change management needs
Added Value
- 900 paper-based time-sheets/month eliminated from the routine process
- Management office data aggregation efforts for 900 time-sheets/month
- Site data is digital, ready to consume by different personas (e.g., operators, line leaders, site executives)
- Digital Labor hours collected via RFID readers
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