SCW Presents “New Team Member Welcome Kit”!

We are thrilled to share our “SCW New Team Member Welcome Kit” with you! 🚀🎉✨

Each new “#wizard” joining our team receives this “Wizard Welcome Kit” as we make sure they are fully ready to make the magic happen here at SCW! 🪄🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️

This bag of Wizard essentials consists of:
🌟Wizard stationary kit, your laptop & earphones, hoodie & t-shirt to make sure you are well equipped and feel comfortable while working!
🌟 Food Voucher, Wizard Mug & chocolate so that we know you take care of appetite and enjoy coffee/tea during the day!
🌟 Monthly membership for Netflix & Spotify to make sure you enjoy your free time properly!
🌟 SCW Mask & Turkish cologne to keep you safe from any viruses around! Nothing is more important than your health for us!
🌟 and of course, your “Wizard Hat” to feel like a real Wizard!

And there are many more benefits included in your employee packages such as private health insurance, bonus programs, 1 day off for women team members for their private days, many recreation activities, and many more.

Do not forget to check out open positions to be a part of our team of Wizards or get in touch with our HR Manager Sena Tokgöz to learn more!

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