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Configurable Home Page: Assist Workers to Adapt Digitalization

A recent Deloitte study revealing the challenges faced by workers in adopting cloud tools that offer standardized solutions for companies. It becomes apparent that many SaaS providers often inundate firms with numerous KPIs and reports, much of which may not be useful and, in some cases, confusing for specific workers.

Recognizing this challenge, SCW.AI has developed the Configurable Home Page. This feature allows executives to tailor dashboards for each operator, displaying only the key metrics relevant to their role. By providing focused information and simplifying the interface, SCW.AI empowers workers to embrace the future of manufacturing.

Image shows how a page looks for an operator when a company uses configurable Home Page.

An Introduction to Configurable Home Page

The Configurable Home Page is a user-centric solution that places the power of customization in the hands of managers. By allowing them to tailor dashboards specifically for operators, the system ensures that users only see the information that matters most to their roles.

In the Home Page Display Settings, users can seamlessly craft personalized layouts. This involves selecting the site and line, then assigning a preferred layout name. Managers have the flexibility to designate up to six key performance indicators (KPIs) for each line. These KPIs include metrics like: 

This customization empowers supervisors and operators to make informed and data-driven decisions.

Top 4 Features of SCW.AI’s Configurable Home Page

Image shows main capabilities of SCW.AI's Configurable Home Page.

1. Customized Work Order Cards

The Work Order Card customization feature allows users to choose up to three data fields to be customized, that are most relevant to their workflow. This level of flexibility ensures a streamlined view of crucial information. Executives can select data such as:

  • Due date of the work order
  • Scheduled pre-run and post-run durations
  • Scheduled labor hours, and more.

If you have difficulties catching up with due dates and want to increase your OTIF score you can check our Ultimate Guide to OTIF: Definition, Calculation & Best Practices article.

Image shows customization of work order via Configurable Home Page.

2. Customized Activity Cards

Activity Card offers users the ability to customize the display, including the option to hide or show phase buttons. This customization enhances the interface, allowing for a more focused user experience.

3. Customized KPI Metrics

KPIs play a pivotal role in tracking ongoing production, and SCW.AI’s Configurable Home Page provides around 50 metrics for users to choose from (exact number changes after each update). Here is 4 of them:

  • OEE: The OEE percentage enables users to assess the effectiveness of production. The Configurable Home Page allows managers to select different OEE focuses, such as overall work order OEE, work order OEE for the last 12 hours and for the last 6 hours, etc. We enhance the visualization of this metric with colorization to improve the user experience, where green represents good, yellow indicates average, and red indicates poor OEE scores against targeted OEE.
  • Count: This metric shows the count data which can be based on sensor, shift or work order. It is crucial to understand whether the work order will be completed by the time it is due.
  • Speed: This KPI shows the count speed for initial and good counts for the last one, two or three hours. Similar to the OEE metric, it uses green, yellow, and red colors to intuitively represent the current speed in comparison to the target.
  • Duration: This KPI demonstrates how much time a manufacturer spends for  specific activities such as: 
    • Run time where the production occurs
    • Changeover (such as setting machines and cleaning lines)
    • Maintenance activities
    • Idle time.
Image shows an example of metrics they can select to help operators to use SCW.AI's Digital Factory Platform.

4. Configurable Metrics

Configurable Home Page allows managers to customize metrics according to their preferences. For instance, you can determine:

  • Data source: Such as IoT devices, PLC or manual data entry.
  • Count type: Such as good-scrap count or total production.
  • Unit of time: Such as seconds, minutes, hours, shifts, working day, day etc. 
  • Time span: Any time span that managers consider to be beneficial to display for increasing worker performance.
  • Duration: Where you can configure the metric for the breakdown of total work order duration based on phase and activity types. Phase types have further granulation such as pre-run, run or post-run durations. And activity types have further configuration capabilities such as run, unplanned downtime, planned downtime and idle.

Top 3 Benefits of Configurable Home Page

Image shows main business benefits of Configurable Home Page for manufacturers.

1. Ease Production Tracking

By displaying crucial production tracking metrics related to efficiency, speed, and quality on the homepage, operators can easily identify bottlenecks on the shop floor and take actions to minimize them. Thus, users can: 

  • Monitor manufacturing sites 24/7.
  • Continuously enhance their processes via data driven actions.
  • Ultimately improve throughput and revenue.

2. Nudging Workers to Adapt to the Future of Work

As previously stated, Deloitte lists the low rate of worker acceptance of technology solutions as one of the three main obstacles to digital transformation that businesses must overcome. Deloitte also highlights that active leadership—in which executives take the initiative to help staff members embrace new business practices—can be used to overcome this difficulty.

The Configurable Home Page is an effective tool for implementing this change management strategy. Managers can draw attention to the critical KPIs that every operator needs to be tracking by creating unique home pages for each line. Rather than having to navigate a platform with a large number of KPIs, most of which might not be important to a particular operator, they can access advanced digital tools through a personalized home page.

3. Standardize Workflow

Standardization is linked to efficiency. Identifying KPIs to monitor for each line empowers workers to excel in their performance. They consistently encounter similar bottlenecks, recognize them through the same KPIs, and devise solutions to address these common challenges. Such standardization enables workers to swiftly detect and resolve bottlenecks, leading to shorter downtime periods and improved operational efficiency.

To explore the features of the Configurable Home Page and capabilities of the SCW.AI’s Digital Factory Platform, schedule a demo with us today!

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