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In-Depth Guide to Digital Factory Wizard Manufacturing App

According to a recent Forbes article, manufacturing apps are strategic digitalization investments for manufacturers as they empower management teams to monitor production from anywhere and at any time. The article emphasizes that such apps are assets for enhancing factory agility and making rapid, data-driven decisions.

With this pivotal advantage in mind, SCW.AI has developed a manufacturing app named Digital Factory Wizard. This app brings the future of factory monitoring into the hands of manufacturing executives. In this article, we provide a detailed introduction to the Digital Factory Wizard application, highlighting its three key use cases.

An Introduction to Digital Factory Wizard Manufacturing App

Image shows the main page of SCW.AI's Digital Factory Wizard manufacturing app.

The Digital Factory Wizard mobile app is tailor-made for executives and managers who may not always be physically present on the shop floor, yet their leadership is vital for maintaining operational efficiency. In dynamic production environments, bottlenecks can emerge at any time, necessitating the leadership team to assess real-time data for prompt interventions.

Given that individuals routinely carry smartphones or tablets, our manufacturing application seamlessly displays the web version of the Digital Factory Platform on these devices. This ensures that decision-makers have instant access to critical information, fostering timely responses to potential challenges.

Key Features of Digital Factory Wizard Mobile App

Manufacturing apps show line status whether they are idle down or run.
Manufacturing apps display reports.

Our manufacturing app provides executives with the following information:

  • Activity Cards: Executives can view activity cards that display the time spent on work orders for setup, run time, downtime, and cleanup processes.
  • Notifications: Managers receive instant notifications for production lines, operator check-ins, work orders, and machines they oversee. These notifications can include information like unplanned downtime if a machine stops working.
  • Alerts: The SCW.AI manufacturing app allows users to set up alarms for specific activities or anomalies. For example, an alert can be triggered to send a notification if the vibration level of a particular piece of equipment exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Reports: The Digital Factory Wizard allows users to access and analyze reports, including custom reports created by SCW.AI. This enables users to assess Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), labor efficiency, schedule adherence, and more, all from any location. Additionally, managers can download report data for specific time periods and share it with colleagues for further analysis.

Top 3 Use Cases of SCW.AI’s Manufacturing App

Image shows the use cases of manufacturing apps.

1. Data Driven Agile Decision Making in Anytime and Anywhere

Imagine as a manager you must be outside of the factory due to a work related task. However, a critical work order needs completion by tomorrow to avoid an OTIF (On-Time In-Full) penalty. Line leaders, unsure about the situation, are hesitant to decide on authorizing overtime, knowing it incurs a 1.5x cost per hour.

Here is where our manufacturing app empowers you to make the optimal decision despite your physical absence.

By accessing real-time factory data through the app, you can gain valuable insights into:

Equipped with this comprehensive information, you can make an informed decision about authorizing overtime, ensuring optimal resource allocation and mitigating potential penalties like OTIF. This way, your team benefits from continuous leadership and support even during your absence.

2. Seamless Production Tracking

SCW.AI’s manufacturing app simplifies production tracking by offering:

  • Real-time insights: Gain immediate visibility into production line status, including running, idle, and down times.
  • Proactive alerts: Receive instant notifications for unexpected downtime events that could impact production.
  • Anytime access to critical insights: Executives can access reports and assess alignment with production goals at any time, ensuring informed decision-making.

3. Automated Equipment Monitoring

The Digital Factory Wizard app aids manufacturers in enhancing their maintenance activities through two key functionalities. Firstly, it promptly sends notifications when specific equipment is inoperable, directing the maintenance team to the precise machine requiring attention.

Secondly, users can establish alerts for particular machine behaviors, such as exceeding a defined vibration level. By activating these alerts, managers can initiate maintenance for specific equipment proactively, preventing unexpected downtime. These alerts can also contribute to the training of machine learning models, enabling a more proactive approach to predictive maintenance.

Digital Factory Wizard FAQs

Image is a screen shot of SCW.AI's manufacturing application.

1. How does the SCW.AI app protect my data?

SCW.AI takes data security seriously and adheres to industry best practices. We hold certifications such as ISO 9001, 27001, and 27017, demonstrating our commitment to information security and data privacy.

2. Is the Digital Factory Wizard app available on Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the SCW.AI app is currently available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

3. How are reports displayed in the app?

To visualize data we use Microsoft Metabase. Thus, our app offers a user-friendly interface for viewing reports.

4. What level of user permissions are required for the app?

The SCW.AI app uses a role-based access control system, allowing administrators to assign specific permissions to different users based on their needs. This ensures that users only have access to the information and features relevant to their role within the organization.

5. Is there any customer support available for the app?

Yes, SCW.AI’s Customer Success Team deals with all inquiries of our clients regarding our manufacturing app as well as Digital Factory Platform. Our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Start Your Digital Lean Initiative with SCW.AI

SCW.AI facilitates manufacturers’ digital lean initiatives through the Digital Factory Wizard manufacturing app and the comprehensive Digital Factory Platform. Our end-to-end digitalization package for manufacturers comprises seven modules:

For detailed insights into our value package and how we can expedite your digital transformation in less than 100 days, feel free to book a demo now.

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