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Optimize Labor Scheduling with SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler

Labor scheduling is often overlooked by manufacturing companies, although it is complementary to job shop scheduling and an important part of general planning and scheduling activities. To complete work orders on time without increasing labor costs, each line requires an optimum level of workers.

SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler assists scheduler teams in this regard by ensuring the division of work is efficient. In this article, we will introduce the labor scheduler and its features, as well as how manufacturers can utilize it for workforce scheduling.

An Introduction to SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduling Software

Image shows labor scheduling capabilities of SCW.AI's Labor Scheduler.

SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler is one of our cloud-based manufacturing solutions within the Scheduler module. The Labor Scheduler can be seen as complementary software. Initially, manufacturers can allocate work orders between lines by utilizing the AI capabilities of the Scheduler, which allows for optimizing production schedules for different objectives such as:

  • Minimizing changeovers
  • Maximizing OTIF
  • Minimizing costs
  • Just-in-Time delivery, and more.
Image shows AI capabilities that answer different scheduling needs of manufacturers.

As the final step of scheduling, the workforce should be distributed to the lines to operate machines. Our Labor Scheduler takes part in this process by offering a user-friendly digital interface for schedulers where they can match lines with laborers, considering the availability of labor and the requirements of work orders to be run at specific times. Thus, labor scheduling takes less time and becomes more effective.

Why Manufacturers Need Labor Scheduler

Image shows statistics from reputable sources about labor shortage in manufacturing.

As depicted in the image above, the manufacturing industry is currently grappling with a labor shortage. To mitigate the negative impacts of this issue, manufacturers must utilize their workforce in the most effective manner. To do so, manufacturers should:

  1. Schedule operators in a way that ensures there are enough of them on each line to complete work orders on time without any workers remaining idle. A McKinsey study found for instance, digital labor schedulers reduce workers time with non-job more than half. 
  2. Allow skilled workers, such as scheduling engineers, to focus on value-added tasks through digitalization and automation.

Main Benefits of Labor Scheduler

Assign Optimum Number of Workers for Each Line

Ensuring the right balance of workforce allocation across production lines is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler eases this process by allowing users to determine the optimum number of workers required for each line. Once users input data for the optimal number of workers for each line, they can easily see whether the exact number of workers has been assigned to each line.

If, for any reason, fewer workers are assigned to a line, the system alerts users with a red color. Conversely, when the number of workers assigned to a specific line reaches its optimal level, it is displayed in green. Thus, by simply checking the colors, manufacturers can understand whether they have allocated the workforce optimally or not.

Image shows color coding of SCW.AI's Labor Scheduler for easier labor scheduling.

Save Time with User Friendly Interface for Workforce Scheduling Activities

Time is a valuable resource and manual workforce scheduling processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler simplifies this task with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Schedulers can easily input data, view schedules, and make adjustments as needed, all within a centralized platform. Drag and drop functionality for assigning workers to line ensures scheduling progress becomes easier. Furthermore, color coding reduces the complexity of scheduling activities. Thus, the workforce scheduler saves valuable time that can be allocated to other critical tasks, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency.

Generate Teams to Increase Efficiency

SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler streamlines the formation of synergistic teams by allowing executives to group workers according to their skill sets, experience levels, and task demands. By assembling teams that complement each other’s strengths and capabilities, the system fosters enhanced collaboration and coordination on the production floor.

Moreover, the drag-and-drop functionality extends to team scheduling, saving time particularly when similar teams are responsible for comparable lines in your work order management.

Image shows Labor Scheduler allows users to generate teams and allocate them lines as a unit.

Let Your Workers to Know Following Weeks Schedule

SCW.AI’s Labor Scheduler goes the extra mile by providing the option to export schedules into easily accessible Excel documents. This feature allows employers to effortlessly share upcoming schedules with their workforce, enabling workers to access and reference their assignments conveniently. By offering schedules in a familiar format that can be accessed offline, the system enhances accessibility and ensures that workers have the information they need to plan and organize their work effectively.

How Can SCW.AI Helps with Your Scheduling Activities

SCW.AI’s Digital Factory Platform aids manufacturers in enhancing their scheduling activities through:

To learn more about Digital Factory Platform and optimize your scheduling you can book a demo with us now.

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